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Why not Give twice and Give the Gift of Giving? Let your recipient pick a project of interest.

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May Intro


Another great month at! 4 new Workerteers and 15 seasoned Advisors have been added to the social enterprise team and recruiting has begun for the Leadership Circle. The Leadership Circle includes donors, changemakers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other supporters of the experiment in Social Entrepreneurship. continues its Mission: "To Help ALL People Become Philanthropists" and to that end we've taken steps to build upon the micro-finance and micro-philanthropy peer-to-peer SaaS platform. The platform is now getting integrated with Google Apps and many other leading web platforms: MailChimp API, Facebook API, Twitter API...where will it end? How about some time AWAY from your computer screen?

"There's a ripple effect,
In all that we do.
What you do touches me,
What I do touches you."
- Author Unknown
"I don't speak a foreign language.
It's embarrassing!"
- President Barrack Obama offers the perfect solution! Measured change at means dozens of face-to-face interactions that otherwise would not have been possible... meaningful personal connections and friendships, life-long stories, and new crops of globally aware, socially responsible citizens! With its 5-day mini-mission-voluntourism trips, on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday....those with full-time work or student schedules can still gain these experiences.

There's still time to sign-up to join the 2010 Field Study in the beautiful Village of La Isabella Dominican Republic. Learn more HERE!

May - 2010
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Lifecycle: 3671 days

Visitors: 12,310

Subscribers: 4,400

Loan Portfolio: $800

Members: 10,678

Entrepreneurs: 8,274

Philanthropists: 954

Online Now: 6008

Projects: 2

Fraud Complaints: 0


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