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Micro-Venture-Philanthropy in Action


Shown here is a different kind of "workerteer" - Santiago at first take is panhandling, however, all-things-considered, he perfectly illustrates the concept of micro-venture-philanthropy, and provides an example of what the "workerteering" concept is all about (read Mission Statement). He works first by filling pot-holes, then fundraises from passerbys in cars who support his work. It's a hard day of work, using a wheel-barrel to collect/make cement and he earns under $2 per day. Imagine your local DPW worker taking this initiative! Your support of $50 USD can put him and his partner to work as street pavers for several weeks until they can start a paving company. The workerteers can vouch for pot-holes plaguing a fragile transportation infrastruture. Join us in meeting Santiago and profiling 150 others during a Micro-Finance Field Study for a more in-depth analysis.

March - 2010
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