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First Round of Micro-Loans are Now FUNDED has secured funding for its first round of "pre-pilot" recipients. During the next Micro-Finance Field Study and official Pilot Program, these initial funds will be distributed. It is important to note that the mission is to help ALL people become philanthropists - including those in developing countries, so our recipients will be given the oppotunity to give back as well.

Examples include:
1. Aristy's Clothing Store (Low interest Loan)
2. Ramon's Internet Cafe (In-Kind Donation)
3. Nelcida's School Supplies (Micro-Donation)
4. Raphael's Restaurant (Low-Interest Loan)

We still need to deliver these loans/investments/contributions to the Dominican Republic, and intend to find donors/investors for all remaining pre-pilot program receipients. Then we plan to profile 150+ more people in a Pilot Program, as wells as scaling operations via established MFIs.

January - 2010
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