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Full-time nice developer needed at temp name in London
Full-time web developer at Foo Inc. in sss
Full-time web developer 3 at Foo Inc. in London, UK

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Temporary FLL Parking at FLL Parking in Rome 13-11-2014
Full-time at in Baltimore 18-09-2014
Full-time at in Seattle 05-05-2014
Full-time video link at video link in Los Angeles 20-04-2014

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Part-time Hiring Online Marketing Manager - Career Fair & Open House at Eric Melin in Boston 137 applicants
Full-time web developer 3 at Foo Inc. in London, UK 19 applicants
Full-time web developer 2 at Foo Inc. in London, UK 18 applicants
Full-time web developer at Foo Inc. in sss 15 applicants
Full-time nice developer needed at temp name in London 10 applicants
Year-of-service Illustrator/Photoshop expert at UnrealExpectations, Anywhere 8 applicants
Part-time Web Editor at Always Foodie, Anywhere 5 applicants Overview:

What is is a Micro-Finance technology platform which allows everyday people to function as philanthropists (small scale donors and socially-minded investors) to directly and efficiently interface with workateers (entrepreneurs and volunteers) for the purpose of small dollar transactions with maximum efficiency and minimal transactional overhead.

Have time or money to invest?

First, set up a Free Account! Search for a project of interest to you. Also, learn more by calling (712) 421-6710 every Tuesday @ 7pm PST (10pm EST) to listen in to our team conference call bridge with no obligation. Password = 1234#, if you are in the Boston area, Join Us by participating in our weekly working sessions, Tuesdays 6-10pm. You can also Support us via Advertising, or Following on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

Planning a Day of Service Event or Volunteering Event? is your Corporate Volunteering Solutions provider. View a Flyer for our next Micro-Finance Field Study in early 2010, or view pictures from our last profiling trip. If you are a student interested in our Fellowship Program, Apply Here to Submit your Essay on Micro-Finance and Social Entrepreneurship.

Need a Fundraising Page? offers a convenient online fundraising micro-site, branded to your name and allowing you to raise money for your favorite cause or non-profit.

Non-Profits, Sign Up Here.

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