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“A thousand policemen directing the traffic,  
       Cannot tell you why you come or where you go.”
                         - T. S. Eliot Advertising

User Demographics

The community of visitors and users is a targeted group of non-profit managers, job seekers, administrators, volunteers, students, executives, management, marketing professionals, and others interested in micro-finance, online giving, and micro-philanthropy.  Up to date, live statistics, are available.  Data is Available Freely for Academic Purposes. The suite of web properties is a technology platform which allows everyday people to function as philanthropists (small scale donors and socially-minded investors) to directly and efficiently interface with workerteers (entrepreneurs and volunteers) for the purpose of small dollar amount transactions with maximum efficiency and minimal transactional overhead.   

All marketing efforts and product development is designed to create a user experience for our donors and social investors. 

Website Traffic Statistics (December 2009)

5,556        Website Visitors
14,150       Page views
7.97           Pages per Visit
0.46%        Bounce Rate
4 Minutes    Avg. Time on Site
90,080       Hits

Detailed Website Traffic Stats (December 2009)
Analytics & User Demographics (December 2009)

Traffic stats, demographics, and membership base information is publically available from th
e Statistics page.  We offer several opportunities for corporate sponsorships and brand exposure, including:

   ·         In Kind Sponsorships
   ·         Section Headings
   ·         Event Sponsorships
   ·         Linking & Co-Branding Arrangement

Our Users (by Profession)

__% Executive (C-Level)
__% Executive (mid career)
__% Academic
__% Student
__% Government
__% Non-Profit
__% Other

What they Use:

__% Loans/Projects
__% Online Donations (users)
__% Fundraising (Individuals)
__% Fundraising (Non-Profits)
__% Jobs/Career Searching
__% Research/Data
__% Other

User Age Groups:

__% 50+
__% 40-50
__% 30-40
__% 20-30
__% <20

User Location:

73% United States

12.5% India

2% United Kingdom

1.4% Canada

Mobile Devices:

1.32% of our visitors come to our website from their iPhone.  This accounts for 72% of all mobile device visitors.

Connection Speeds:

75% of our visitors have connection speeds of DSL, Cable, or T1.



Sponsorship Availability:

(1)  Diamond     $100,000
(1)  Platinum      $ 50,000
(2)  Gold            $ 25,000
(3)  Silver           $ 10,000
(11) Bronze         $  5,000

A more detailed Media Guide with Rate Card is Available Here for Download.  Contact or call 617-500-3224 with any questions.












   Operating Statistics ................

Lifecycle: 3649 days

Visitors: 12,310

Subscribers: 4,400

Loan Portfolio: $800

Members: 10,369

Entrepreneurs: 7,966

Philanthropists: 953

Online Now: 5754

Projects: 2

Fraud Complaints: 0


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